Necklace length chart and explanation

Necklace length chart and explanation

You're going to a special occasion event and you just don’t know what length necklace will be just right, or you really want to get your special someone a wire wrapped pendant and you haven’t the faintest idea of how long that 18” chain will actually look on them. Don’t panic, I am here to help you over the stress.

Just as a jump off point I am going to talk about necklace lengths based on a woman whose neck is 14 inches around or an approximate size medium in a shirt. Of course if you are smaller or larger then adjust for this approximation by starting with the neck size, for example if your neck is 16” than an 18” would be a choker length instead of a 16” and so on. Use the chart pictured to help you figure out where a necklace would sit. The photo above assumes a pendant on the necklace that is only ½” and pretty light.

Here is a list of lengths, their names and what necklines work best with them.

14-16” necklaces are called Chokers and sit just above or at the collar bone. These are perfect for lower scoop or v-necklines, a beginning row for layering or even a strapless dress. Best not worn with a high neckline because they end up just hiding under it.

17-19” necklaces are called the Princess length and are what we consider to be average or the most common lengths for everyday. They work well with high or low scoop necklines and in layering. They are fine for strapless necklines as long as they sit about 1-2” above it so as not to compete with the lines.

20-24” necklaces are called Matinee and sit just above to the middle of the bust. These necklaces are good for plunging necklines and high necklines. They don’t work well with strapless because they compete with the line.

26” Necklace are called Opera and work well with strapless, Super plunging necklines and layering with a higher neckline.  

Anytime you add a pendant you must take into consideration the weight and length of the pendant itself and adjust the information above to that length so you know where it will actually sit on the neckline. 

One of the best things to consider when purchasing a necklace is can I adjust the length to fit properly or to change for different necklines. I now include an adjustable sterling silver chain that goes up to a 22” length on all my sterling luxury pendants.. It is very handy indeed when you are unsure of the length needed and makes the wire wrapped pendant more versatile with your wardrobe.

I hope this article helps answer some of your necklace length questions. If you would like to learn more about how to clean handmade jewelry, the properties of Sunstone, or check out my line of wire wrap ladies pendants , just follow the links and roam around a bit.

Have a beautiful Day!

Dawn Rosell

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