How to Clean Gold Filled Jewelry

How to Clean Gold Filled Jewelry

So you have some beautiful new wire wrapped earring and pendant set made with Gold fill wire and you are wondering how exactly do I keep these pretty chandelier earrings shiny. I have the answer for you and it is truly very simple. Gold fill jewelry can be cleaned just the same as regular gold because it is a thick outer layer fused with a bronze or brass core and when taken care of properly it will last a lifetime.

First a few tips on how to prevent damage to the finish and minimize the need for cleaning. These steps will also insure your jewelry doesn’t get lots of scratches or dings. It will also protect any gemstones or pearls set into those earrings.

  • When you get ready, always put on perfume and lotions before you add accessories as the fragrances very often contain chemicals that can hurt the finish and sometimes even eat at it.
  • Take jewelry off before showering or getting in the water(especially pools and hot tubs), exercising, and going to bed
  • Wipe down after every wear with a soft cloth to gently remove any oils from your skin or that perfume and lotion
  • Do not store with multiple pieces in a box on top of one another

Now that you have kept your pieces as clean as possible on a regular basis you will not need to do a heavy cleaning very often, but when the need arises simply follow these cleaning instructions. 

First of all be certain what type of gemstone, if any is set into your jewelry. If you have a bracelet or necklace that has charms or pendants that are removable I suggest you remove them and clean the chains separately. This helps to protect the gemstones even more from getting scratched in the cleaning process. If you can not remove them just be conscious and keep the chains off the gems while cleaning.

For mild cleaning you can simply use a gold polishing cloth to bring the shine back. This method can be used on most pieces, even those with gemstone settings. However, always check the directions first to be certain that it is safe for your gems or pearls.

You can also use a gentle solution of mild detergent or soap preferably without fragrance, or chlorine and warm water. You may soak the piece 5-10 minutes if needed, unless it has a soft gemstone like a pearl or opal. Use a soft toothbrush to help remove any build up in the crevices. Thoroughly dry with a soft cloth. Again if you have opals, or pearls be very careful, you can use a little of the soapy water on a cloth of the soft toothbrush to wipe it down. Finally rinse your ring, pendant necklace, or earrings  in cold water and dry thoroughly. 

For truly deep cleaning, I suggest one of my favorite cleaners that is gentle and comes in both gold and gold with gemstones cleaners that are super gentle, but work really well. Connoisseurs jewelry cleaners. They have a full line for almost every metal and gem. As always, read the instructions and the gems each one is safe for to make sure you use the best one possible. 

I hope this helps you to keep your gold filled jewelry pieces nice for many years to enjoy. If you would like to learn what wire wrap jewelry is, the difference between sterling and argentium silver, or how to choose a gemstone for a custom ring, be sure to check out my full list of blogs

Have a beautiful day!

Dawn Rosell

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