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How To Pick A Stone For A Custom Ring?

So you want a really unique ring and you don't know where to begin. I am going to give you a few pointers on how to get started with having a custom ring made.

Whether you are looking to have a gemstone ring made with wire wrap or a silversmith design you need to take into account the size of the finished ring, not the ring size but the size of the detailing and setting. Depending on the style of the technique the ring will be just a tad bigger than the stone or quite a big bigger.  As you can see in the ring pictured the design is minimal and adds very little to the size of the stone, but many wire wrap designs are quit a bit larger in the detailing and add to the stone size and finished ring itself.  So it is best to get an idea of what type of design you are looking to have made before choosing the gemstone.

The other decision to think about is the color of the gemstone and whether or not you want it to be enhanced or all natural. There are so many colors available in gemstones so narrowing it down will help the designer help you find the perfect one.

Next and very important is deciding if you want a ring to wear every day or for special occasions. Rings can take a lot of abuse since we use our hands for everything, so knowing what type of usage it will get helps a designer figure out the most durable gemstone available for the style of your ring. It can also help the designer create a design with the perfect gemstone which protects it and gives you a lifetime of joy.

I hope this helps you to begin to understand how to pick a gemstone. If you would like to have a custom ring made please reach out to me, I love custom work!

Have a blessed day and check out all my blogs for more information on gemstones, materials, design services and how to clean your custom jewelry and more.

Dawn Rosell


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