Travel with Jewelry

If you have ever tried to travel with your favorite jewelry, you know how tricky this can be. They get banged up, or the necklaces get all tangled together.
I'm going to share with you a couple of great ideas on how to keep that jewelry gorgeous and ready to wear right out of the suitcase.
1. You can purchase large pill cases or bead organizers that seal off one compartment from another for larger pieces. and small ones for , well, smaller jewelry. Line the compartments with cotton squares and cover the jewelry with the cotton square as well.
2. I like to use card stock or business cards cut in half and then make one slot on either side of the card to wrap a chain on, then I slide that into a tiny plastic sleeve that seals at the top. Then I stack the plastic sleeves into one of the large compartments to keep them separated from the pendants.
3. Always pack a small polishing cloth into your bag for a quick clean up and feel free to add anti tarnish paper to any compartment or plastic sleeve that has metals that will tarnish with humidity.
Most of these products are super inexpensive and you can get them at your local craft shops and pharmacies. Now you can travel with your jewelry and any new pieces you bought while on vacation knowing that they are safe and secure.
If you have any great ideas on how to keep jewelry safe during travel please share in the comments below. Happy Travels!
Travel with Jewelry
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