Black Tourmaline Quarts Earrings in Gold

Tourmaline Quartz Stone of Healing

Tourmaline quartz is the combination of Clear quartz and Tourmaline. It is recognizable with its black strands trapped in the quartz. I just love the combination of this stone, it is so very striking. 

Clear quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal and is among the most abundant minerals found on every continent.

It can appear as clear as glass or frosted and cloudy, almost white. Tourmaline is a complex aluminum borosilicate crystal. The two together are found primarily in Brazil. It is the hexagonal crystal formation that creates the strands. Tourmaline quartz is among the harder stones at a 7-7.5 on the MOHS scale. 

This combination of the stones makes it a powerful stone in crystal healing. The clear quartz is the most versatile stone in the mineral realm. It is purifying, and brings light to the energy of healing and spirituality.

The Tourmaline offers psychic protection in challenging places and circumstances. keeping one out of imbalance. Together they are an ideal ally.  It is cleansing and purifying. Removes negative energy and restores balance.

This gemstone is a powerhouse for healing and it looks fantastic to boot.  One of my favorites for its versatility and its beauty.  It is very striking even when a small gem is used like in the hoop earrings pictured above and it makes a real statement in a wire wrapped pendant as well. 

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​Dawn Rosell

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