Sterling Silver Tiger Eye Gemstone Ring

Tiger Eye Stone of Clarity

Beautiful warm golden brown and black Tiger eye stone. Tiger eye is a quartz that contains a shimmer or flash known as chatoyancy or luminescence in bands like a cat's eye stone. The shimmery bands are created when blue asbestos is altered by iron oxide and replaced by silica. This also gives it the amber color and can seem a bit transparent in some places of the stone. It has a hardness of 7 on the MOHS scale making it a harder stone.  Tiger eye is found in South Africa, India, Australia and the US. Tiger eye also comes in other forms such as blue tiger eye or Hawk's eye and Tiger iron which is a red variation.

Represents Chakra 1 through 3.  Said to be a stone of luck in some cultures. Balances between extremes. The Elements are earth and fire. Creates emotional balance and harmony with others. Supports hormonal balance and vitality.  Instills spiritual balance, stamina, creativity and clarity. Claims to sharpen clarity keeping one grounded and calm. Tiger eye is said to take away the blues and create optimism.  

Tiger eye stone is a very calming stone to me because it reminds me of a warm fire in the fall. I love it for its versatility to go perfectly with almost any outfit you wear as well. It can be worn as a pendant with a bright yellow dress in the summer or a chunky sterling silver ring (pictured above) with a warm fuzzy sweater. 

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Dawn Rosell

Information sources include: Smithsonian rock and gem book, Book of Stones, and Love is the Earth.

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