Sterling Silver Metal of Divine Wisdom

Sterling Silver Metal of Divine Wisdom

Ahh silver how I love thee, let me count the ways. Silver is bright and beautiful and can be fused, soldered, melted, made into wire for wrapping and hammered into amazing shapes. A perfect metal with so many uses and I dare say is the most popular among jewelry lovers and artisans like myself because of its beauty and ability to be used in so many forms. 

All this is because silver is the second most malleable mineral on earth, gold is the number one. Silver is a Native element, which means it exists on its own without the combining of two or more minerals. On the elements chart it is signified by Ag which comes from the Latin word for silver, Argentum, meaning white or shinning. It is quite soft and is often used in alloy form, meaning it is combined with other metals to make it more durable. Sterling silver is the most common way we see it in jewelry, but you can certainly find fine silver pieces as well. It has been found in tombs dating back to 4000bc.  But it didn't get used in the mainstream until the early 1900's when it began being used in industrial use and photography. In fact for some time nearly 60 percent of all silver was used in the photographic industry.

Silver is said to relate to the moon and its feminine principles. It is also considered to be kingly and symbolizes divine wisdom. As asserted by the silvery thread of life which is cut upon death, separating one from the earth. 

Silver relates to the sign of Cancer and Aquarius. It is said to bring eloquence to one's speech and helps to eliminate abrasive traits.  The mirror to the soul creates the ability to see oneself from the outside. A sight without judgment. Bringing patience and perseverance to tasks. Attracts and retains unto itself the properties of any stone set into it, providing a steady influence to the gem. Considered a balancing agent.

Yes silver is a wonderful treasure and we use it everyday to make our lives easier and more beautiful as well. I love using it in my jewelry designs in every aspect. It is just so pretty no matter if it's a pair of twisted elegant hoops earrings (pictured above) or used to set a wire wrapped gemstone ring. I can't imagine my collection without it.

Have a blessed day and remember to check out my many other gemstone blogs to find your favorites.

Dawn Rosell

​Information procured from the Smithsonian Rock and Gem book as well as Melody's Love is the earth book. 

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