Gold hoop earrings with pearl drops

Pearl Shell of Purity

Ah the pearl. A true classic in jewelry for millennia, but what is a pearl exactly? A pearl is created by a mollusk and consists of the same mineral and material as the shell. It is a natural secretion that  coats perhaps a piece of sand or some other foreign object trapped within the home of the mollusks shell and is to protect the animal. The coating is present on the inside of the shell as well. It is principally made of the mineral aragonite and small amounts of conchiolin. Together these minerals make Mother of Pearl. The color of a pearl depends on the creature creating it and its surrounding. Colors range from white and yellow to soft pink, lavender, champagne, blue, green and black. Pearls come from all over the world and there are pearl farms where cultured pearls are made. Cultured means that humans have placed a tiny mother of pearl beads into the shell and allowed the process to continue naturally. 

The pearl represents Cancer and Gemini astrological signs. The pearl is often seen in wedding jewelry as the symbol of purity and loyalty. Named "The shell of sincerity" bringing truth to situations. Signifies faith, charity, integrity and innocence. Helps to focus attention.  

The pearl has never lost its place in the world of jewelry and is considered to be a classic.  It can be dressed up or down and there is most likely one pair of simple pearl earrings in every woman's jewelry box. I think that is what I love best about the pearl, it is not reserved for one type of woman or one age group. It is clean, classic and yet can be over the top elegant, or even rock and roll. The pearl is truly versatile and ageless. It is the perfect compliment to almost any outfit whether in a set of hoop earrings (pictured above) or in a tiered necklace.

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Dawn Rosell

Information sources: Smithsonian rock and gem book and Love is the earth by Melody

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