Opalized Petrified Wood Pendant in Gold

Gold The Master Healer

Gold, the metal of wealth and status. It has been seen as these two symbols for millennia and has been used to adorn everything under the sun. Gold is extremely malleable making it perfect to use for numerous creations from jewelry to statues and leafing on walls and objects. It is tarnish resistant and doesn't react to most chemicals.

Gold is a pure metal most commonly found in dendrite growths. Crystals 1" across have been found in California and masses over 200 lbs have been found in Australia. Ancient sources were Southern Egypt and Nubia. Major sources in Europe in the middle ages were in Saxony and Austria. The largest single ore body known in modern times is in South Africa's Witwatersrand. Today half of the planet's gold resources are from Africa with smaller contributions from Russia, Brazil, Canada, Australia and the United States.

 Gold is golden yellow in hue, but because it is so soft it needs to be combined with other metals to make it usable. It is made into an alloy using silver, platinum, nickel, and zinc making it a whiter or lighter shade. Copper for a rose gold and iron for a bluish tint. 

Gold has been used in modern times for medical and technology uses. It is a wonderful and versatile metal. Perfect for so many uses in the jewelry realm as well of course. Whether it is an engagement ring, a classic drop earring or a wire wrapped pendant (pictured above) gold's beauty and timelessness cannot be denied.

Gold is the astrological sign of Leo.  The symbolic of Spirituality and the development of understanding. Allows beauty to come forth from the inner being as you travel through your world experiences. Helps to improve one's character through learning, and lessening trauma while gaining knowledge. Assists in activating, motivating and actualizing your potential. Helps to balance energy and eliminate ego conflicts as well as feelings of futility. Called the master healer, purifies the physical body. Opens the third eye and crown chakra. 

Gold is said to bring honor, wealth, and happiness. To alleviate tension and stress and amplify positive feelings.

Gold is a beautiful mineral all around. It is a happy metal. Have a blessed day and remember to check out my many other gemstone blogs to find your favorites.

Dawn Rosell

Information gathered from Love is the earth book , Smithsonian Rock and Gem book.

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