Dendrite agate pendant in sterling silver wire wrap

Dendrite Agate Stone of Positive Energy

Dendrite agate is part of the Quartz family and is recognizable by its plant-like branch style inclusions of iron and magnesium. Moss agate is also a form of dendrite agate. This stone's hardness is a 7 on the MOHS scale making it a durable stone.  The color can vary from bright white to a lavender color into dark black. I love the drama of the variation in this stone and how it often has a landscape like design. It often feels like nature paintings inside the stone.

 Dendrite agate covers all Chakra, is represented as an earth element and known for inner growth and wisdom. Aids in keeping a positive attitude while going through a needed transformation. Brings one out of their inner thoughts to keep one grounded in the physical world, allowing for reduced stress and quieting harsh inner voices. Purple variations are exceptional at purifying the energy field and working towards spiritual transformation. 

Truly a stone worth having in your collection for the beauty as well as for its grounding qualities. I love how it makes such a stunning pair of earrings or a real statement pendant (pictured above). So dramatic, so unique.

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Dawn Rosell

Information gathered from the Book of stone and Wikipedia

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