Covellite pendant in Gold fill

Covelite Stone of Inner Transformation

Named after Nicholas Covelli who discovered it in 1832. Covellite is a Copper Sulfide stone. This stone occurs in massive sizes but it is extremely rare. It occurs in thin plates which can be flexible. Its color is indigo blue often tinged with purple iridescence. It often has gold flex mixed into it as well. Covellite has been found in Germany, Italy, Australia, and the United States. 

Covellite is quite soft, coming in at a 1.5-2 on the MOHS scale. It represents all Chakra and the element Storm. Considered to heighten psychic ability and inner vision, transformation, bridging the higher and lower worlds. Although it vibrates in higher planes it is called a grounding stone for it's ability to connect strongly with the physical reality and earth energies., creating a bridge between the two. Facilitates the deep journey into self and brings out the unconscious shadow side. Allows for a true awakening for frozen traumas and helps to facilitate healing. 

Covellite is such a dramatic looking stone and draws you into it's deep blue. I love the natural shine and the overall presence of the stone. It is so regal when wrapped in a gold setting (pictured above). It really is just perfect for a custom pendant or a pair of gold earrings. I would however avoid a ring or bracelet simply because the stone is much softer and those items would take more abuse over time. 

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​Dawn Rosell

​Information gathered from Book of stones,  Wikipedia

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