Blue Lace Agate Pendant in Sterling Silver

Blue Lace Agate Stone of Truth

Blue lace agate is an agate that is layers of blue chalcedony and white or clear agate with some inclusions of brown sometime occurring within the layers. It has a hardness of 7 on the MOHS scale. The banding can create stripes and or swirling within the stone. It is a soft blue color and is reminiscent of the blue sky and clouds. It can have a light lavender appearance in some lighting. The best quality of Blue lace agate comes from South Africa.

Blue lace agate represents the throat chakra, the element of water and helps with communication, clarity and confidence. Not a protection stone but a healing stone or helper stone. Calms the emotions and helps support confidence. Releases negative habits and helps one communicate one's deepest truth. Helps one to be heard by others, by adding in finding the right words to communicate clearly. 

I love how much it takes me to a time when I would look up at the sky as a child, or with my own child and relax in the grass Trying to find the shapes in the clouds and watching them float by. This stone reminds me of calmer days of daydreaming and just simply being.  Blue lace agate is not a bold or brightly colored stone, but that is what gives it its charm. It is quiet and calm and beautiful.

One of my favorite things about this gemstone is that when it is set into a pendant or pair of ladies earrings it can change color from more blue to a slightly purple tone depending on the metal. As you can see in the sterling pendant above it leans more towards the blue side. The color is also affected by the lighting which makes it all the more charming to wear.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Blue lace agate. Check out my many other gemstone blogs to find your favorites. Wishing you a place of calm and confidence.

Dawn Rosell

Information sources: Book of stones and The Rock and Gem book from the Smithsonian.

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