Amazonite Stone of Compassion and Confidence

Amazonite Stone of Compassion and Confidence

  I once read a tale of the Amazonite stone being named after the legend of the Amazon Warrior women and that it makes one feel confident and strong. I love this idea of course and I love this stone because it is such a pretty color. Some high quality specimens have a white flash within the structure giving it sparkle. Amazonite is a green-blue stone that has white and sometimes black variations in the structure. It is named after the Amazon River, but it can be found in Russia, and in the United States. It is a feldspar containing Potassium aluminum silicate. The structure is a plaid-like structure with the crystals coming together at right angles. It is 6-6.5 on the hardness scale. 

It represents the throat Chakra . A stone of truth, communication and harmony. Amazonite awakens compassion by stimulating the heart chakra. It helps to empower and brings harmony to us as well as between us and others. It helps us see our emotions without being overwhelmed or judgmental. Aids in focus, creates a space of being able to create what one truly wishes. 

I mean really, Amazonite is pretty awesome. To me it is the perfect representation of the warrior woman in us all.  Creating all we dream and fighting with truth and compassion for ourselves and those around us. We are strong, resilient and beautiful. I love using it in my work whether it is the soft teal of the Brazilian and US variations or the deep turquoise color of the Russian gem. It looks perfect in any precious metal setting like the pendant above or a pair of pretty dangle earrings

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​Dawn Rosell

​Information procured from the Smithsonian Rock and Gem book, The Book of Stone by Robert Simmons.

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